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Overview of Mike Morris Services for Google Apps EDU is a Google Apps site deployed and administered by Mike Morris a
"Google Apps Certified Consultant" for the sole purpose of instructing and training Individuals, Organizations, Small Business and their employees on how to quickly use Google Apps.

Mr. Morris is also a full service Google Apps service provider providing additional consulting when deploying, migrating or supporting 
clients in Google Apps for Business or Education online suite.

Mr. Morris provides unique Tools & Service Packages that can be trade and industry specific.

Free-Start (15 min consultation & Google Apps w/;
Quick-Start (Quickly learn to use Google Apps, 1-on-1, Webinars or Workshops);
 (Deploy Google Apps to your Branded Domain for Business);
 (Monthly, Annual or Pay-as-u-go Admin or End-User Support);
 (Sync iPhone, BB, or Android to your Google App accounts);

The option is yours to engage separately or as one customized service package..Mr. Morris can lead, guide or even work within your deployment as a team player.
To request a no obligation Free-Start & a free 15 min consultation.   Click Here 

"Green is my service color because Google Apps will save my clients

Gone Google Yet !

Google Apps is a cloud based suite of products, provided and serviced by Google, that allows any size institution, business, government or individual to manage its own online integrated email, documents, calendars, sites and videos. All while residing on Google's highly secure maintenance-free servers.Google provides these services within an organization's own branded domain name. Such as, "", "", "YourTeam.orgor "".

Get the following free tools from Mike Morris that will help you or your company plan your transition to Google Apps efficiently and worry free. 

During your Free 15 Min Consultation ask to receive a Google Apps  Deployment Check List and access to the Services List with a integrated Budget Calculator.

Mr. Morris is willing and able to work with you, your company, team, family or institution no matter where your place of origin or time zone your in.

So far over 3 Million Organizations have made the transition World wide. With as many as 3000 people per day. Call today and schedule with Mr. Morris to help you, your company or family to compete in the world of tomorrow.  

Existing users or clients can access their existing Google Apps accounts by  Clicking here.

 big money and help in fostering a Paperless Office or Classroom."